August 9, 2023 Airport Agenda & Minutes

Posted: August 7, 2023 | Updated: October 16, 2023



Body: Cresco Airport Commission

Date:  August 9, 2023

Time: 5:15 pm

Place: Cresco Airport

To: Airport Commission Members City Clerk

Cresco Public Works Director

Howard County Board of Supervisors

Cresco Chamber of Commerce

Cresco Flyers

Hangar Tenants

All Interested Persons

Roll Call: Clair Pecinovsky, Ross Merritt, Bryan Schmitt, Gerald Ferrie, Rick Sovereign


Old Business:

  1. Approval of Meeting Agenda
  2. 2 Approval of Minutes from Prior Meetings
  3. 3 Approval of Financial Report and Expenses

New Business:

  • We want to welcome Rick Sovereign and Brian Schmitt back to the Commission board.
  • Waiting on word yet about the State Grant.
  • Discussion on Alliant Solar Field
  • Talk about loading pads for short time sprayers.

Next meeting date:

Motion to:  Adjourn

Posted August 7, 2023



Jerry called meeting to order at 5:15 pm
Roll Call… Present…Jerry Ferrie, Clair Pecinovsky, Rick Sovereign, Bryan Schmitt,
Ross MerrittAbsent… non

Visitors… non


Motion made to approve agenda by Clair and 2nd by Bryan… all approved
Minutes & financials & old business were discussed & motion made by Bryan and
2nd by Rick to approve
…all approved.

New Business…

1. Rick Sovereign & Bryan Schmitt will serve on the airport commission for
another 3 yr. term.2. No word yet from the state on runway overlay grant application.

3. Jerry talked about the solar panel array previously brought up some time ago
that may be looked into on a part of the airport land. He met with Jacob
Semann from Alliant Energy. They talked about some possible ideas that may
be checked into some time in the future but with all that is going on with the
storm drain retaining pond construction & the land in its current condition, any
more discussion on the matter probably won’t take place till way later.

4. Airport was quite busy with arial ag planes again this summer. Some arial ag
applicators move to airports nearest their costumers for loading to shorten the
commute time. n the past here at Cresco it was determined that load pads
were to be used by the ag applicators that were doing a great part of their
business here, and that other arial ag operations done here should also. Arial
ag appicators wanting to use the airport a short time don’t want to take the
time and expense to set up & take down loading pads so generally do not use
them in those situations. After some discussion and comments concerning
this it was agreed to keep the policy as is for now…. more state regulatory
information may come to bear on this later.

5. Next meeting date: September 13, 2023

Motion to Adjourn …Rick motioned & 2nd by Bryan… all approved Meeting
adjourned 6pm.