April 5, 2023 Airport Agenda & Minutes

Posted: April 3, 2023 | Updated: October 16, 2023


Body: Cresco Airport Commission
Date: Apr 5, 2023
Time: 5:15 pm
Place: Cresco Airport


  • Airport Commission Members City Clerk
  • Cresco Public Works Director
  • Howard County Board of Supervisors
  • Cresco Chamber of Commerce
  • Cresco Flyers
  • Hangar Tenants
  • All Interested Persons

Roll Call: Clair Pecinovsky, Ross Merrit, Brian Schmitt Gerald Ferrie Rick Sovereign


Old Business:

  1. Approval of Meeting Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes from Prior Meetings
  3. Approval of Financial Report and Expenses

New Business:

  1. Discussion of State vs. Federal Grants lead by (Joe Roenfeldt) on run way improvements
  2. Discuss water and electric for Mass’s spray pad
  3. Rent for hangers build in % per year
  4. Update of potential Solar project at airport (Rich Mc)

Next meeting date

Motion to: Adjourn

Posted Apr 3rd 2023



Jerry called meeting to order at 5:l5pm


Roll Call…Present…Bryan Schmitt, Gerald Ferrie. Rick Sovereign, Ross Merritt, Clair Pecinovsky
Absent… non
Visitors… Rich McConnell, Joe Roenfeldt, Kevin Schrage


Motion to approve agenda… 1st Schmitt, 2nd Sovereign… all approved


Old Business…
Review minutes of 12/27/22.


Motion to approve minutes…1st Sovereign, 2nd Schmitt…all approved.
Review of financials/claims… Motion to approve, 1st Pecinovsky, 2nd Sovereign…all approved


New Business…
1. Joe Roenfeldt, airport engineer from Bolten & Menk who is working on our airport repair/rehab
project, came with a lot of very helpful information for informed discussion for understanding in
decision making, from funding sources possible from state & or federal helps. Pros & cons of
various construction options using Asphalt or Concrete. Compliance with differing FAA State &
Federai regulations. Durability in the long term with differing options & probability for securing
funding to get the most benefit. With this information & much discussion Joe was going to get
actual costs towards an asphalt overlay done half at a time to spread out the burden of cost. He
will have that compiled together in about 2 weeks for presentation. The timeline for state grant
funding help ends May 24 for this years application.
2. Discussion next was for Midwest Custom Ag Aviation’s wanting to get electric and water service
to their loading site. Wayne Maas will need to talk with Nate, city engineer first to proceed.
3. Discussion followed concerning hanger rent. Motion made by Sovereign for a 3% per year increase.
Merritt 2nd the motion & all approved.
4. McConnell brought information of possible use of airport property for a solar array construction
by Alliant Energy. Roenfeldt contributed helpful information for us to think of and consider when
approaching this from FAA state airport guidelines besides local airport interests. Contact with state
airport manager Mike Marr would be helpful here also.
5. Next meeting set for May 3rd.
6. Pecinovsky made motion to adjourn, 2nd by Merritt… all approved… meeting adjourned 6:50pm.