June 14, 2023 Airport Agenda & Minutes

Posted: June 20, 2023 | Updated: October 16, 2023


Jerry called meeting to order at 5:15 pm


Roll Call… Present… Jerry Ferrie, Clair Pecinovsky, Rick Sovereign, Bryan Schmitt
Absent… Ross Merritt
Visitors… Rich McConnell
Motion made by Clair to approve agenda and minutes & 2nd by Rick…all approved
Motion made by Rick to approve to approve financials & claims & 2nd by Bryan…
all approved


New Business…


1.Clair Reported talking with Joe, the engineer from Bolten & Menk,
that we are now in a waiting time to see if we are awarded a state grant towards runway rehab project.2.Contractor boundary markers were placed & the construction for the
city’s retaining pond is scheduled to begin Monday Junel9th. Much farm land
rented out will be lost due to construction and will be adjusted accordingly for the renter.

3.No new information or action on a proposed possible solar array on
airport property.

4.Bryan & Rick’s terms serving on the commission are up the end of the
No new applicants where received & they agreed to serve another term.
Motion made by Clair & 2nd by Rick to accept… all approved. Thanks to them and all serving on the commission.


Next meeting date… Aug 9, 2023
Motion to: Adjourn Bryan Ist, 2nd Clair, all approved.. meeting adjourned 5:45pm