April 10, 2024 – Airport Agenda & Minutes

Posted: April 8, 2024 | Updated: April 23, 2024




Body: Cresco Airport Commission

Date:  April 10, 2024

Time: 5:15 pm

Place: Cresco Airport


To:      Airport Commission Members

City Clerk

Cresco Public Works Director

Cresco City Council

Howard County Board of Supervisors

Cresco Chamber of Commerce

Cresco Flyers

Hangar Tenants

All Interested Persons


Roll Call: Clair Pecinovsky, Ross Merrit, Brian Schmitt, Gerald Ferrie, Rick Sovereign



Old Business:

1  Approval of Meeting Agenda

2 Approval of Minutes from Prior Meetings

3 Approval of Financial Report and Expenses


New Business:

1 Update crack repair project: Clair

2 Discussion on the Cities want to use west side of airport ground for tree burning. Rich

3 Open discussion


Next meeting date

Motion to:  Adjourn

Posted  April 08th 2024



Jerry called meeting to order at 5:17 pm

Roll Call … Present… Jerry Ferrie, Clair Pecinovsky, Rick Sovereign, Bryan Schmitt

Absent … Ross Merritt

Visitors … Gary Kriener, Rich McConnell, Dave Brenna

Jerry called for motion to approve agenda … 1st Rick, & 2nd Bryan .. all approved.
for motion to approve minutes … 1st Rich, & 2nd Clair … all approved.
for motion to approve financials & expenses … 1st Clair, & 2nd Bryan …
all approved.

New Business:
1 . Clair reported that D & M Asphalt Services Inc. received the contract to repair
the runway and the last conversation with Dav~ Liddle was May or June for
work to begin. He will call· and see if there is a change.

2. Dave, Rich, & Gary presented the reason why they are looking for another
area to use as the cities’ collection/dump yard for tree & leaves & yard waste.
The current site being less than a quarter mile from residential area is not
conducive for burning to comply with DNR restrictions. The cost of chipping,
& disposing of the material, people dumping non yard waste at the site, & site
being used by non city residents were all factors in looking for solutions & for
another site as a possible remedy. A site on the west side of airport property
is one option they were exploring & discussing it with the airport commission.
Other than discussion, no action was needed at this time.

3. Some open discussion followed as to the retaining pond work site & material
& farm land rent.

Next meeting date … May 7th which is a Tuesday
Jerry called for motion to adjourn … 1st Bryan, 2nd Rick … meeting adjourned 5:50

Submitted … by Clair Pecinovsky … secretary