June 12, 2023 Theatre Minutes & Agenda

Posted: June 12, 2023 | Updated: August 18, 2023


President David Gosch called the meeting to order on June 12th, 2023, at 5:30 PM.  In attendance were:  David Gosch, Kelly Bartling, Ann Seebach, Kari Waterbeck, Ronda Hughes, and Julie Wilson.  Guests:  Wendy Lickteig, Cresco Theatre Manager ,and  Joe Wacha, Cresco Community Theatre.

The June agenda, May minutes and financials were reviewed.  Ann Seebach  made the motion to approve, seconded by Kari Waterbeck and unanimously approved by the Commission.

Wendy Lickteig presented the manager’s report.   The Little Mermaid has been doing ok, and the next movie will be About My Father.  The Theatre will be closed during the Fair.  Wendy attended a conference in May.  She learned that for a single screen theatre we are doing very well.  The movie industry is picking back up.  In the future we will need to look at replacing the server  and the projector further on down the road.  The outdoor movie for Family Fun Night was well attended.  Concessions need some revamping with sizing and pricing which will occur soon.  The locks and key project is nearing completion.   Staffing:  Raises for staff were discussed.  Raises will be effective on July 1st, 2023.   Kari Waterbeck  made a motion to approve the manager’s and staffing  report, seconded by Ronda Hughes and unanimously approved by the Commission.

Old Business:

  1. Friends of Theatre-Will be contacted in September to help with the live event.
  2. Theatre Seats-Nothing to report at this time.
  3. Scene Shop Committee-The committee is waiting to hear about the Catalyst Grant. The committee will be meeting again in the near future.

New Business:

  1. Fundraising:  Many ideas were discussed and members should continue to generate ideas.
  2. 110 Year Anniversary-August of 2024: The Commission will continue to generate ideas.
  3. Yearly raises were approved as follows: Tami Bouska:  $8.50-$9.00, Sebastian DeGroat:  $7.50-$7.65, Kevin Groenwald:  $8.25-$8.50, Callie Holten:  $7.70-$8.25, Haylee Holten:  $8.60-$8.85, Austin Hoppe:  $8.00-$8.60,Sydney Hyer:  $7.55-$8.05, Caleb Kammerer:  $8.75-$9.00, Summer Knight:  $8.85-$9.35, Abby Konkel:  $7.65-$8.15, Alayna Larson:  $7.40-$7.65, Jeff Meinecke:  $10.80-$11.50, Adam Schmitt:  $8.30-$8.45, CJ Yslas:  $7.55-$8.05.
  4. David Gosch and Julie Wilson filled out the paperwork to be reappointed to the Commission for another 3 years. The Commission received an application to join the Comission from Steve Lickteig.  Pending City Council approval he would fill the vacated position of Jon Hayek until 2025.
  5. The Theatre will be closed from June 19 until July 16 because of Fair, CCT rehearsals and performances.
  6. Next  Meeting Date- August 14th  (There will be no July meeting.)  Julie Wilson made the motion to approve, seconded by Ronda Hughes and unanimously approved by the Commission.



  1. Community Theatre-Joe Wacha reported that they are practicing now for the summer performance. They will not have a meeting this week due to practice.  David Gosch also shared that they would be storing wood behind the screen, some temp lighting was needed, and that CCT is planning on 3 shows a year in the future.
  2. Chamber-No report
  3. City Council-No report
  4. Comments from the Audience-none

Ann Seebach made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Ronda Hughes and unanimously approved by the Commission.