October 11, 2023 Airport Agenda & Minutes

Posted: October 9, 2023 | Updated: October 27, 2023



Body: Cresco Airport Commission

Date:  Oct 11th 2023

Time: 5:15 pm

Place: Cresco Airport

To: Airport Commission Members City Clerk

Cresco Public Works Director

Howard County Board of Supervisors

Cresco Chamber of Commerce

Cresco Flyers

Hangar Tenants

All Interested Persons

Roll Call: Clair Pecinovsky, Ross Merrit, Brian Schmitt Gerald Ferrie Rick Sovereign


Old Business:

1 . Approval of Meeting Agenda

2 Approval of Minutes from Prior Meetings

3 Approval of Financial Report and Expenses


New Business:


  • Discussion and work on runway repair options. Clair
  • Budget and 5-year planning
  • Open discussion


Next meeting date

Motion to:  Adjourn

Posted  Oct 10th 2023



Jerry called meeting to order at 5:20 pm

Roll Call… Present…Jerry Ferrier Clair Pecinovsky, Ross Merritt

Absent… Bryan Schmitt, Rick Sovereign

Visitors… Rich McConnell

Motion made to approve agenda … 1st Clair, & 2nd by Ross… all approved Minutes, Financials, & old business were discussed… motion made to approve… 1st Ross, 2nd Clair all approved

New Business…

  • . Since we did not receive a state awarded grant towards the runway repair asphalt overlay, a surface repair of the continued degradation is needed. Clair & a local contractor did a whole runway inspection. The runway surface condition is degraded too much for crack sealing to be of value & since an overlay project time is unknown because state help would be needed to help with the cost, the contractor determined that concrete repair followed by crack/joint sealing would be best done now because of the rapid deterioration of panel seams and joints. This type of repair and maintenance would go a long way to keep the runway serviceable and safe till an overlay can be done. The contractor could do the concrete repair next spring when weather warms again, let cure for a month and then fallow up with joint and crack sealing. .. he estimated a cost of around fifty thousand. After Clair’s report the commission discussed it and determined that this repair/maintenance of the runway should be done and placed in the upcoming budget.
  • . The new budget discussion followed … some changes and modifications along with C.I.P. & 5-year planning were incorporated & reworked to the best of our knowledge.
  • . During the open discussion time we went out to inspect the airport land taken for constructing a retention pond for storm water sized for a hundred year flood. A possible area for a future solar panel array was looked at. A time of comments & discussion followed
  • . Next meeting date … November 8, 2023

Motion to adjourn… 1st Clair, 2nd Ross … all approved… meeting adjourned 6:40pm

Submitted by
Clair Pecinovsky secretary