Ballfield Schedules

Cresco Traveling Team Guidelines


There are three practice times set up during the week: 4:00-5:30, 5:00-6:30, and 6:00-7:30. Sunday practice times are 12:30-2:30, 2:00-4:00, 3:30-5:30, & 5:00-7:00. They overlap ½ hour for teams to warm up, use batting cage, etc.. Saturdays are wide open, but that doesn’t mean times can’t overlap ½ hour. If your team will be overlapping that 1st half hour, stay out of the dugouts and off game field.

East Park is the boy’s field and Evans Park is the girl’s field. Kessel is available for all (geared towards younger groups).


Games will override scheduled practices within reason. It is the responsibility of the GAME coach to notify the practice coach of this change. On game days, there will be no scheduled practices held on that field due to Park & Rec. preparing the field.

If a game is cancelled due to weather or other events, please notify the Park & Rec. Department ASAP.


It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure proper clean up after practices and games: filling in home plate and pitching mound, returning scoreboard remote, etc.. Access to sheds will be discussed via email once we receive all teams’ information. Please keep the sheds clean and organized. We expect all players to be out for Park & Rec. Baseball & Softball (3-6 grade) as well. If any player(s) are not enrolled in Park & Rec., we would like a one-time donation from that team for getting the fields prepared. Donations can be made out to the Cresco Park & Rec. Department and dropped off at Cresco City Hall.


We will have a calendar on the website for all reserved times on all three fields. Be sure to check frequently to ensure correct times/dates/availability.


We will be handling practices and game requests on a first come, first serve basis. Scheduled games will always trump practices within reason. Please be fair and considerate of other teams wanting to utilize fields. The Park & Rec. Department reserves the right to change the schedule at our discretion. To schedule a practice or game, you MUST email your request to We will not be taking reservations over the phone or via text message. This is to ensure we have an accurate timestamp for each request. Your email request should include coach’s name, grade, date, and the requested game time or practice slot time.

Team Information:

The Park & Rec. Department is requesting that teams submit the following information to us via email prior to your first practice:

  1. Coaches Names (who is the primary contact)
  2. Contact Information – including cell phone and email
  3. Roster of each child
  4. Grade of children coaching

Once teams submit their roster information, we will email information regarding access to the sheds.

Park & Rec. Evening Games:

As part of our new programming, we will be scheduling a handful of Park & Rec. games in the evenings. Once the details are finalized, we will let everyone know of those changes as well as post them on the calendar for all to see.

As always, be sure to work together and communicate with each other.

If questions arise, please contact the Park Office: