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102 4th St SW Cresco, IA

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Some of the Street Department duties include maintaining all streets in town. In the winter: snow, ice removal, sanding and hauling snow. In summer: blading streets, chipsealing, filling potholes and repairing cement. The department paints all crosswalks, parking stalls, handicap and parking lots and build streets when needed. The department maintains all street signs and sweeps all streets with street sweeper. The Street Dept. maintains all equipment in the department as well as all intakes and repairs that are needed.

The department takes down all bad boulevard trees in town. Each spring they are responsible for planting 80-90 trees. They handle yard waste and have a route to pick up all brush to be chipped. They turn the yard waste pile every 30-40 days. All mowing of City property except for parks and Water Dept. is done by the Street Dept. All downtown lights are maintained and all lights in town are checked on. They help maintain the bike trail in town, put up Christmas decorations and flags on holidays. The Street Dept. also helps other City Depts. when help is needed.

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Snow Removal & Parking

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