Kessel Lodge Rental

Kessel Lodge Exterior

Opened in September 2008, the new Kessel Lodge, was constructed as a three seasons building to replace the old Kessel house that was razed in the fall of 2006. In the spring of 2009, a storage addition was added to the west side in order to accommodate the senior meal site which opened in July.

The building will seat 60 people inside and 60 people under the outside shelter. It has air conditioning and a furnace. It also is equipped with restrooms, cable TV, water cooler inside, water fountain outside, a storage room, and a few cleaning supplies.

The kitchenette is complete with range, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, 30-cup coffee maker, and a 14-foot serving counter with plenty of electrical outlets.

Being located in Kessel Park, it is a perfect facility for any type of family reunion or open house. Book your event today!

Contact Us

Park Office: (563) 547-3230

City Hall: (563) 547-3101

Email Parks Department


268 7th Ave W. Cresco, IA

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Park & Lodge Hours

6 am - 11 pm

Daily Rental Fees

$125 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays.

Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years Day

$100 - Monday – Thursday.

Not available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays before 4:00 pm & on Mon.-Thur.-Fri. before 2:00 pm, unless it's a holiday.

$50 Deposit Required

Upon Completion of Your Event

Do not use tape on walls, ceilings, floors, or tables. No duct tape or Scotch tape, glue or glue guns, staple guns, thumbtacks, nails, painting, glitter or confetti will be allowed. There is a bulletin board, strips on the walls, and hooks in the ceiling to use for decorating.

The Security/Damage Deposit will be returned in full or in part after the event only when the key is returned and inspection of the building and contents are found undamaged and properly cleaned. The person signing the contract will be responsible for all damages incurred over the deposit amount.

All items brought into the building prior to or during the event will be removed. THE CITY OF CRESCO WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS LEFT IN THE BUILDING AFTER AN EVENT. All refuse to be discarded (decorations, paper plates, paper cups, etc.) will be placed in tied trash bags and set in the dumpster. Trash bags are furnished in the storage room. Feel free to move tables and chairs to accommodate your event. Return them to the ‘Table Layout for Mealsite’. - PLEASE WIPE THEM OFF.

The Lodge may be available the night before your event for set up, decorating etc., if not rented.

Make sure:

  1. All doors & windows are locked and the restroom doors are blocked open.
  2. The thermostat is set at 77 degrees during air conditioning season and 67 degrees during heating season.
  3. The TV remote is on the TV stand. Note: The TV will take 10-15 seconds to turn on.
  4. All lights, ceiling fans, and appliances are turned off. (One light will stay on at night)
  5.  ALL GARBAGE is collected and set in the dumpster.
  6. Floors, tables, kitchen, and bathrooms are clean.
  7. Tables are arranged according to the ‘Table Layout for Mealsite’. (Posted on refrigerator)

If you need immediate assistance call Brandon: 563-379-1280 or TJ: 563-880-0023.

Thank you for choosing the Kessel Lodge for your event.

Kessel Lodge History

The old Kessel Lodge house was razed in the fall of 2006 to make way for a new community center which opened in September of 2008. The name remained the same. Funds were raised to add on to the new lodge to accommodate the senior dining center known as the Cresco Mealsite which opened in July of 2009. The next few years improvements were made which include additional cabinets (2009) acoustic panels, an entrance windbreak (2010), paved driveway and sidewalk (2011). In 2013 a Kessel Lodge sign and bronze statue “Boy & Girl Jumping Rope” were erected. It was donated by the Cresco Chamber & CIDC and citizens of the Cresco community. In 2015 there were two Eagle Scout projects done. One was an outdoor charcoal grill done by Adam Jensen. The other was a pair of beanbag board sets done by Casey Ollendieck.