Downtown Crosswalk Reconstruction Project

Posted: June 1, 2023 | Updated: August 2, 2023


The City of Cresco has retained the services of WHKS & Co. to design and administer the project. Ann Schick will be the onsite construction observer for the project and will be onsite daily to observe the construction and to answer any questions. WHKS will work closely with the Public Works Department.



The Contractor for the Downtown Crosswalk Reconstruction project is Wicks Construction Inc. from Decorah, IA.

Contact Information:

  • Wicks Construction Inc.
  • Gavin Wicks
  • Decorah, IA
  • 563-382-2325



North Elm Street from 1st Avenue to 3rd Avenue.



The City of Cresco is funding a portion of the project with local funds. Special assessments are also being used.



Successful completion of the project will be greatly affected by your cooperation during construction. Construction will disrupt travel to and from your home or business. The cooperation between the City of Cresco, the Contractor, and Property Owner will significantly improve the construction process.



BE ALERT!! Watch for construction workers and vehicles in the construction zone.

Please assist in keeping children away from dangerous areas and equipment.

Please drive slowly when in the construction zone. Observe warning signs for changing conditions.



  • All existing sidewalks along North Elm Street from 1st Avenue to 3rd Avenue will be removed and replaced.
  • The existing colored crosswalks will be removed and replaced with gray concrete.
  • Two feet of curb will be removed and replaced.
  • Pedestrian curb ramps will be installed at each intersection.
  • Water service shut offs (curb stops) will be replaced as needed.
  • Storm sewer intakes will be reconstructed as needed.
  • Statues and planter beds will be temporarily removed during the project and relocated to approximately their original locations.



  • Construction activity is expected to begin July 5th and be completed by October 17th.
  • The project will be phased as shown in the phasing plan. Phases will be worked on sequentially, starting with Phase 1.
  • The project’s schedule and completion date is weather dependent.



  • Access to individual properties may be restricted during construction. Access will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If access can be made through a back door, we ask that the back door be used during active construction. Contact the chamber for special access directions for the public.
  • If back door access is not available a temporary access with crushed rock, plywood, or other materials will be made in the front.
  • Please look to the City website for construction updates
  • Parking in the active phase will not be allowed but will be able to park across the street.
  • Saw cutting of concrete may occur during nighttime hours as the timing of this is crucial to the health of the pavement.
  • Concrete pavement can typically be walked on after 24 hours of being poured, but please wait until the new pavement is opened to the public.
  • Water service interruptions may occur during the project’s construction. The Contractor will coordinate these disruptions with the utility and property owners.
  • Some streetlights will be relocated. Streetlights may be inoperable for a period of time. Depending on how the lights are wired, lights in adjacent phases may also be turned off.
  • Garbage collection should not be affected because pickup is not on Elm Street.
  • Any special arrangements shall be the property owner’s responsibility to coordinate with the Contractor and WHKS.
  • Excavations may be fenced off overnight within the roadway to allow for concrete curing prior to backfilling. Please maintain a safe distance from these areas while the site is disturbed.

WHKS & Co.

  • City Engineer – Bill Angerman, P.E.
    Office Phone (507) 288-3923
  • Project Engineer – Scott Huneke, P.E.
    Cell Phone (507)-358-5234
  • Construction Observer – Ann Schick
    Cell Phone (763) 443-0308