Swim Lessons & Swim Team

Here at the Fitness Center, we have an amazing group of instructors that are able to tailor lessons to each individual student’s needs. We offer American Red Cross Swim Lessons in both a group and individual setting, for all ages across the board. Swimming lessons provide children an opportunity to explore the water, practice and develop their skills, and learn how to be safe in and around the water in a safe and supportive environment. We pride ourselves in offering quality lessons to not only residents of Cresco, but to those in the surrounding communities.

Private swimming lessons will be offered year-round, with May through August having the most offerings. Public lessons will only be offered specific times in June, July, and August. We also offer adult lessons – please inquire at the desk if interested.

Level record (as of December 2023):

Roster 2019 2023 Levels LS 6

Skills Checklist:

Skills Checklist

Swim Team

Location: Thomson Pool at the Cresco Fitness Center

Cost: $60.00 each member, $120.00 each non-member; Clinic - $20 member, $40 non-member


Private Swim Lessons

Location: Cresco Fitness Center

Cost: $50 for members, $100 for non-members


Public Swim Lessons

Location: Cresco Fitness Center

Cost: $25 member $50 non-member