Renewable Energy in Cresco

The City of Cresco welcomes appropriately sited renewable energy systems within the city limits. We are partners with Solar Pro, Inc. in a solar power purchase agreement that provides seven city-owned facilities with much of their electrical energy needs.


For on-site use, the following types of solar energy systems do not require any permits from the city:

  • Building-integrated systems
  • Wall-mount systems
  • Installations on flat roofs
  • Roof-mount systems installed parallel to the underlying roof

The following types of solar energy systems for on-site use require a city building permit, which can be obtained at City Hall:

  • Roof-mount systems that are not parallel to the underlying roof
  • Ground-mount systems, which are regulated as accessory structures and are subject to standard zoning location and set-back requirements

Commercial solar energy systems (solar gardens and solar farms) are regulated separately.

All solar installations require an electrical permit from the State of Iowa website prior to an electrical inspection. For solar installations in Cresco, the State is responsible for electrical inspections and permitting. Installations must comply with the Iowa building code. Electrical permits may be submitted, inspections scheduled, and fees paid for online through the State of Iowa portal. The State of Iowa will complete one electrical inspection at the completion of the project. No further inspections are required.


All wind generating systems within the city limits of the City of Cresco require a special use permit. Please refer to Chapter 159 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Cresco.