Utility Billing, Rates & Information

Direct Debit Form

In an effort to reduce costs and time for the City, we are urging residents to sign up for Direct Debit to pay their water bills by ACH (Automated Clearing House). This saves the staff considerable time in processing payments. Each payment that is either brought in or mailed in must be manually posted to the customer's account. We have to type the account number for all payments, including online banking checks, received without the stub. ACH payments are automatically posted to the accounts. Residents also benefit because payments are withdrawn on the 11th of the month so you will not have to worry about the 10% late payment penalty nor the $50.00 shut off notice. You will still receive a copy of your bill, at the same time of the month, as you have in the past.

Utility Rates & Information

For your convenience, a schedule of monthly billing information and utility rates effective 1-1-2022 are listed. Late payment penalties, fees, and rental property are also addressed. A breakdown of water, sewer, garbage, yardwaste, and water deposit fees are also listed.

Utility Contacts

Water, Sewer, Recycling, Yardwaste Service

City of Cresco

  • 563-547-3101


Alliant Energy

  • 24-Hour Customer Service: 800-255-4268
  • 24-Hour Outage Reporting Service: 877-740-5050

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Natural Gas

Black Hills Energy

  • 24-Hour Customer Service: 800-303-0752
  • 24-Hour Customer Service: 888-890-5554
  • Call Before You Dig: 800-292-8989

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Hawkeye Sanitation Inc.

  • 563-547-3828

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Windstream Communications

  • 1-800-347-1991

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  • 1-855-224-2253

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Hawkeye Recycling

  • 563-547-3199

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